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     A Quiet PC Product

AcoustiFeet are manufactured and supplied direct exclusively by Technical InformationQuiet PC LLP, telephone +44 (0)1653 668000.

Acousti Products Ltd promotes this product for and on behalf of Quiet PC LLP, which has sole responsibility for its manufacture, supply and delivery.

USA & Canada Distributor: Quiet PC USA Technical Information

UK & Global Distributor: QuietPC.comTechnical Information

     Features & Benefits
  • A simple and economic solution to combat unwanted vibrational noise
  • Throw away your plastic feet and apply a set of 4 self-adhesive soft silicone case feet!
  • Uniquely designed to decouple a PC case from the floor to minimize noise generated by vibrations
  • The rounded edge is designed specifically to dampen vibration transmission in a number of planes
  • These feet are also low-profile (7mm high), so they won't necessarily be seen.
  • 4 different softnesses for varying case weights
     Technical Specifications
  • Pack Weight: 22g (approx)
  • Foot Height: 7.0mm ±0.25
  • Foot Diameter: 29.5mm ±0.25
  • Material: Silicone Rubber - varying softness, Translucent or Black
  • Non-marking, and not sticky.
Throw away those hard plastic feet! - they are a nusiance to people who are very fussy about PC noise.


Anti-vibration replacement low-profile 'AcoustiFeet' - image showing a set of 4 ACF3007-25B (in Matt Black) upsidedown, with self-adhesive side of the foot hidden

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