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     A Quiet PC Product

Ultra Soft Fan Gaskets are manufactured and supplied direct exclusively by Technical InformationQuiet PC LLP, telephone +44 (0)1653 668000.

Acousti Products Ltd promotes this product for and on behalf of Quiet PC LLP, which has sole responsibility for its manufacture, supply and delivery.

USA & Canada Distributor: Quiet PC USA Technical Information

UK & Global Distributor: QuietPC.comTechnical Information

     Features & Benefits
  • Ultra-soft (unlike similar products) - Shore A 25
  • Not just 1mm thick like other fan gaskets - these are 2.5mm thick!
  • Compatible with virtually all case cooling fans
  • Supplied with unique screws and soft silicone washers
  • Quick and very easy to fit (these gaskets 'hold onto' the fan whilst fitting them due to a small lip in the gasket design)
  • Can be used with an external fan wire grille, for maximum airflow and minimum wind noise (see below)
     Technical Specifications
  • Operating Temperature: (-)20 - (+)70°C
  • Softness: Shore A 25° ±2.5
  • Material: Silicon Rubber (Translucent/Clear)
  • Gasket Thickness: 2.5mm
  • Recommended Compression: 5% of height
  • Pack Weights: 80mm - 29g, 92mm - 32g, 120mm - 41g

Retail packaging for Silicone Gaskets for 80, 92 and 120mm case fans.
Fan Gasket Retail Packaging

Close up of the silicone fan gasket mold - showing a corner.
Corner of silicone fan gasket mold

Fitted to the front of the AcoustiCase™ C6606.
Fan gasket fitted to AcoustiCase™

The AFG80C fan gasket outside the retail packaging. The image shows the silicone washers and fan gasket along with four fan mounting screws.
Fan gasket, silicone washers and four fan mounting screws


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