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     A Quiet PC Product

AcoustiPack™ EXTRA - Foam Blocks are manufactured and supplied direct exclusively by Technical InformationQuiet PC LLP, telephone +44 (0)1653 668000.

Acousti Products Ltd promotes this product for and on behalf of Quiet PC LLP, which has sole responsibility for its manufacture, supply and delivery.

USA & Canada Distributor: Quiet PC USA Technical Information

UK & Global Distributor: QuietPC.comTechnical Information

     Features & Benefits
  • Helps reduce internal PC noise, and sound escaping through empty drive bays and other entrance/exit points
  • Pack contains a set of 3 noise-absorbing foam blocks: 2 blocks suitable for empty optical 5.25" drive bays & 1 block suitable for an empty 3.5" HDD or FDD bay
  • Certified to UL94-HF1 low-flammability standard (the highest UL94 standard for a foamed product)
  • Does not cause internal temperatures in your PC to change significantly, when fitted correctly
  • The foam is dense, non-dust generating, flexible and does not tear easily
  • Fitting recommendations included with every kit

Where can I buy the AcoustiPack™ ULTIMATE soundproofing materials kit?


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